Mobile Jam Session - Save the Date!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at Torre Mapfre in Barcelona

Infused with the spirit of the early days of Jazz, the Mobile Jam Session is a day to inspire new ideas and innovate solutions to existing challenges. The purpose is focused, but the agenda is improvised along the way.

Caroline Lewko of the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) and Rudy De Waele of dotopen / mTrends are ‘jazzed’ about working together to bring you the first of many Mobile Jam Sessions. We are passionate about fostering a free environment for collaborative creation among all the different players in the value chain. We know streamlining communication will make it easier for our young companies to innovate and get to market faster and smarter.

It all starts as we open up the mobile ecosystem and connect experienced and talented developers, with industry experts and decision makers. It’s no secret that the industry needs the emerging companies to lead with innovation, to leverage resources and to help change the game. With the right beat, let’s get ready to listen!

Most importantly this event is driven by developers – what you want to hear, who you want to talk to, what you want to say….. But of course we want to hear from the big companies and experts too - so what’s the hot topic for you? Let’s us know by adding your name and topic to Invitation List. New tunes often come from unlikely associations, so… Jam on!

The event is free of charge for all participants, coffee breaks, lunch and networking cocktail included. We’re looking for passionate, exciting and talented developers. We have confirmed participations from Telefonica, Vodafone Group, Telecom Italia, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Mystrands, Mobile Distillery, Trutap, Kimia, …

Be prepared to be an active participant in the session.

The event is hosted in the new MyStrands Barcelona offices in the Torre Mapfre at the Villa Olympica. MyStrands generously offers us the superb 350 square meter space on the 20th Floor of the building with a breathtaking view on all Barcelona, the city, the Olympic port and its beaches.

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  1. 1 Andy P

    I have added this to the events list at the GSMA MWC wiki…

    Hope that’s cool! If not, well - it’s a wiki, you can remove it again :-)

  2. 2 nylucoli pornuz

    s you, lessen milieu, added to favorites.

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