Developer Survivor Guide to MWC09 - TIPS & discounts

WIP is putting together a Developer Survivor Guide to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

I remember the first time I attended MWC in Barcelona, then called 3GSM.  WOW, talk about being overwhelmed from the first time walking off the plane where my luggage got lost (yes be prepared, this is a regular occurance so pack your toothbrush and an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on), to showing up at the FIRA.  The FIRA is no ordinary conference centre, it is an exhibition city! Eight different conference buildings, multi level with booths everywhere.  And outside there are many booths and pavilions outside - again no ordinary booths - buildings two stories high (Yes, lots of money gets spent for sure).  And then lots of events, receptions and parties - some open, a lot invitation only with guards at the door so they are very serious about who enters.

So where does a developer get started?  That’s what we are putting together.  So you can make the best use of your time.

The Guide will include information on the various events (day and night), great exhibitions and pavillions to visit, and Tips.  We are just collecting all the information now - so if you have something to include, please let us know by sending an email to jam (at) wipconnector (dot) com.

To get you started, here is a link to some of the events that Martin Sauther has started to gather. Events start Sunday nite - Rudy deWaele’s Mobile Sunday, and the ever popular Mobile Monday Peer Awards which I MC’d the first two years, now passing the baton to Bena  Roberts from GoMoNews.  And of course WIPJAM, Day for Developers on Thursday, February 19.!

There’s lots more that we’ve gathered, so stay tuned!  including 2 really cool reception we are involved with, which will be THE events to attend!

And the tips! - we better start with registration.  This is an event with about 50,000 people!  Trust me, as someone who waited in line for over 2 hours last year on Monday morning (a duh moment), make sure you go Saturday or Sunday to collect your badge so you can sail through on Monday.  And yes - bring your barcode - it does save you time.

If you haven’t managed to get a comp exhibition pass, and are interested in attending some of the great conference sessions such as the Developer Garage that GSMA is hosting on Monday, here’s a Tip to get your 15% discount:

Go and register here:  and use the code:  APPAB.  You can use it to get a discount from 1 day to the entire event, so good value.

One last tip, for the North Americans in the crowd.  Bring a suit and tie. Remember this is Europe and people dress up more.  I’ve given this advice every year to developers, used to wearing jeans and a t-shirt, who looked at me kinda weird when I mentioned the suit.  Every time I got a big THANK YOU for this advice.   Oh yah - and comfortable shoes are a must.

Note:  No suits or ties required for attending our WIPJam session on Thursday!  Thanks again to our great sponsors: Adobe, ACCESS, Sony Ericsson, Symbian, O2 Litmus, Oracle and Microsoft.

Send us any tips or events asap.

Have fun and good luck!

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