How to buy a phone in Canada?

Gosh if I knew the answer to that one!

I have to share a quick update/rant on my quest to go off CDMA….. it still hasn’t happened. I thought it would be easy, go to Rogers (the only option in Canada), pick a phone (I want the Bold as still find for a business user who travels a lot, RIM still has the market cornered on compressing email data, hence lower costs especially when roaming), port over my number from Bell, choose a plan, and presto, bango, walk out the door with a new phone.
I’ve spent countless hours visiting various Rogers stores (the only option in Canada) where the clerks have no idea what a power business user is (thought 200 minutes should be enough and had no idea about costs for US or other country roaming and had no interest in finding out – thought they were on commission). Finally found a sales rep that was really helpful (thanks Kelly on Robson) only to be reject by Rogers, something to do with an address that looked temporary (I’ve had it for over 6 years, and according to my bank who I visited last week, I have a superior credit rating That was Sunday, where I was told Rogers would call me by Tuesday, its Thursday nite now and no call.Guess Bell will get my $500 again this month. Could you imagine my bill if I could actually use it outside Canada and the US?? won’t be soon enough for many of us in Canada for the Bell/Telus HSDPA initiative… until then, what’s a girl to do?
Thanks for listening!

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  1. 1 Jim Udall

    Well you could still try Fido… although their pricing plans have changed quite a bit with their relaunched branding.

    But I get your point….lack of competition just plain sucks!

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