Carnival of Mobilists #190 – Check out the Weekly Review of Mobile Blogs

I was reminded about the birth of the Mobilists this week due to an inquiry from a new participant, who I passed along to Judy Breck the Volunteer Coordinator who said: 

“Carnival of the Mobilists is an informal project among people who blog about mobile. It was started over 3 years ago by Russell Buckley. I am the volunteer coordinator. This is the About page on the Carnival website:

As the page says: “Send your entry to: All participants writing about mobile are welcome - you don’t need a special invitation.”

So there’s the key – Anyone who writes/blogs about anything mobile are welcome.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s a great way to get your site and your ideas in front of an expanded crowd.  I have to say, the submissions this week were initally light – not in terms of content – but in numbers. So I pinged and tweeted a few friends, who kindly whipped their submissions quickly into shape. 

Here’s a challenge for next week Carnival # 191– Anyone submitting their blog, has to bring a new blogger along with them.



On to this week’s submissions:

Erique Ortiz pulled through with a late entry, that was worth the wait!  An indepth analysis of the Google App Market.

If you are interested in Mobile Learning – scoot yourself over to Mark van Hooft’s Site – Ubiquitous Thoughts.   Mark has a Carnival-like posting on what happened in mobile learning over the summer including links to resources and news items.

Tam Hanna at Tams Jungle, presents an interview with Berthold Thomas, the CEO of Huchison Austria.  Really interesting insight into Thomas’ predictions for Apple, Nokia and Microsoft, while giving us a flavour of the mobile growth in Austria.  I wonder how that market translates into others?

Over at GoldenSwamp, our fearless Mobilists Coordinator, Judy Breck, has a great way of analyzing the social impact of mobility.  This week she tackles school kids censorship amidst the turmoil about whether President Obama’s speech to school kids on Tuesday should be heard by them. And as Judy says:  Yet any kid at school with a smartphone can browse to the White House website to watch and listen

In Does Seth the blogger man have a valid point to make? Ajit Jaokar questions ATT’s  human(oid) blogger guy called Seth Bloom and how Peak Rate issues are being experienced and handled.  Those of us attending events like MWC and CTIA experience peek rate issues all the time.

Who and how to target mobile users is a struggle for all mobile developers. In part gaining access to statistics is part of the challenge, as then allowing for skews in data.  Tom from Masabi offers an article on Hacking Admob Handset Statistics to generate a profile of handset manufacturer priorities to support if you want to reach current mobile web users, which he says is a useful proxy for early adopters for networked applications as well.

Our perennial favorite blogger, Andrew Grill, touts a newly launched on-line magazine called Point Zero, covering social, mobile & enterprise launches.

Our resident Mobile Develop Activist at WIP, Thibaut Rouffineau, provides us a piece on some mobile hot topics including openness, netbooks and writing apps for smartphones.

The Winner this week is……. (drum roll) a tie.  Both have very thoughtful pieces, where an obvious amount of work has gone into them.

  • Tom from Masabi for his great insight and analytical skills in reviewing handset statistics.
  • Enrique Ortiz for this analysis of the Google App stgore.

Don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming WIPJAM sessions, the UnConference for Mobile developers where we are serious about No Panels, No PPT and No Ties!  We always make sure our Jams our Free for Developers.

Summer is behind us and we step up the pace for the continued excitement and constant change and amazement in the mobile and wireless industry.  GiddyYup!!!

on-vacation-pinkAnd once this is posted, I am officially on vacation for a week.  Yeah!

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