Finally after 2 months of inputting, cleaning up, asking for data about the various appstores in the market we’re finally at the stage where we can publish a summary pdf gathering all the data the wip appstore wiki holds about the 27 appstores inputted there at the beginning of December (and we have now reached 29…)

Our objective in publishing this information as a document is to make it easier for you to compare the various appstores by sitting them next to one another on a few sheet of paper. Whatever your purpose is : platform choice, country choice, pricing decision in a bird’s eye view you’ll have all the channels in the market. Going forward we will publish a monthly “dump” of the wiki  for you to keep track of evolutions and changes in this space.

Having put this together for the first time there are a few things that jump to mind:

  • The sheer volume of channels for Windows Mobile applications, with 60% of appstores do sell Windows Mobile applications. Quite interestingly this is also where the majority of “established players” come from, posing the question whether or not the new Windows Marketplace will change this state of affairs.
  • The growing support for widgets in appstores with the :  Android Market, Palm App Catalog, JIL, Vodafone 360 initiatives being the most prominent examples.
  • Despite the absence of “large players” (apart from Google)  in the Android apps market, the growth of the small and independent Android stores., driven by 3 factors:
    • Apparent and relative freedom to create appstores for smaller players… [PS: Just as I was writing this blog the news leaked that Motorola were looking at launching an Android specific appstore SHOP4APPS which would show that larger player are also getting involved... watch this space]
    • Working around the content filters imposed by the Android Market :  mikandi focusing on creative mobile adult content and AndAppstore
    • Focus on niche devices and applications reflecting the variety / fragmentation of the Android space with Camangi Market specializing in MID sized devices (5 to 9-inches Android device)

Now publishing the information in a doc is just a first step we’re after your thoughts, demands on how we can make this information more useful, more usable, more complete to you… if you have any thoughts you want to share please tell us, we have a few thoughts such as making the appstores  comparable online or searches based on platform but the if you have a few ideas of your own please let us know, whether it is it improve the quality, quantity of the data, the usability of this data and the ability to compare the various fields… all will be welcome.

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