Welcome to the WIP Jam site!

WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership) is about connecting developers to the information, resources and people important for innovation, growing your business and getting to market faster.  The term Jam Session orginally came from the early days of Jazz where musicians got together to play unprepared music and create new songs and just have alot of fun - and it’s the inspiration for WIP’s Mobile Jam Sessions, as a day to get the mobile ecosystem together to inspire new ideas and innovate solutions to exisiting challenges.

About the WIP Jam site:

This site will be a bit of a ‘Jam’ itself both as the site for mobile Jam events; and as the new blog for WIP, its partners and supporters to provide updates focused on developers in the wireless and mobile industry.  You can learn more about WIP and our activities at our new WIP Connector site, including our wiki resources that  help you find the tools, partners and resources you need to get started or take the next step in mobile development.

What’s a WIP Mobile Jam session all about anyway?

It all starts as we open up the mobile ecosystem and connect experienced and talented developers, with industry experts and decision makers. We all know this is often difficult at big conferences, but we’ve been able to make it happen - some folks have called it magic!

Most importantly this event is driven by developers – what YOU want to hear, who YOU want to talk to, what YOU want to say. It’s no secret that the industry needs the emerging companies to lead with innovation, to leverage resources and to help change the game. With the right beat, they are ready to listen!  We have a Developer Advisory Group that meets regularly to provide input on topics and speakers.

Jam Sessions are interactive and definitely not boring.  We mean it when we say No PPT, No Panels and No Ties!  WIP Jam sessions are a unique format for mobile and wireless developers, where we blend ‘unpanels’, with intimate discussion groups led by industry leaders and developers alike.  And it’s really very interactive - we make sure everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Check out the WORLD TOUR schedule for the next Jam session coming soon.

New tunes often come from unlikely associations, so…Jam on!

Those that Jammed before said:

  • Thanks to your team this is the best events in the mobile world for developers and people interested in development
  • WIPJAMs are one of the few events that are a ‘must attend’ when I am at a conference. It is often more worthwhile than the conference itself!
  • The discussion groups are excellent on two fronts. First, they foster interesting and fruitful discussions. Second, it is a very good chance to show the reps from the big boys that you know what you are talking about.
  • The interactivity between the panel and the audience was truly helpful as were the breakouts. I was able to collect more information of more value at WIPJAM than any other event I have attended for the last few years. (And I attend quit a few!)
  • It’s a great crowd that shares info willingly. It solves an important need for open communication among stakeholders.

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