Mobile Jam Session - “Day for Developers”– CTIA Wireless, Las Vegas

Note: all attendees are responsible for their own CTIA registration to gain access into the Las Vegas Convention Center and JAM.


April 2, 2009 – 11:00 am – 5:30pm (Thursday) - right after the keynotes.

Room N262

Registration / Networking / Coffee

10:30am – 11:00am


UnPanel #1


Times are tough for all developers, so how can you work with the rest of the ecosystem to leverage synergies and collaborative ideas? Do such business models exist, and what needs to happen to improve the marketplace for developers? Does politics always get in the way of genuine collaborative activity? Share your thoughts in a lively and friendly discussion


· Bill Maggs, Sony Ericsson

· Kevin McGuire, Microsoft

· Thibaut Rouffineau, Symbian Foundation

· Larry Berkin, Access

· Steve Glagow, Orange Partner

· Facilitators: Derek Kerton (Telecom Council of Silicon Valley) & Caroline Lewko (WIP)

Rapid Round

5min pitches - fast and furious!

Pitch by Bill Maggs, Sony Ericsson

Pitch by Kevin McGuire, Microsoft

Pitch by Amy Law, AT&T

Pitch by Peter Meissner, NGMN

Pitch by Tyler Lessard or Mike Kirkup, RIM

Pitch by Caroline Lewko, WIP Alembic


Lunch (and networking)

Intro and housekeeping - Ed Kay (WIP Connector)

Device Bar- come and see a selection of the coolest, newest, shiniest apps and phones.

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Welcome Back

Discussion Groups - complete topics and speakers

6 - 8  sessions – 50 min each

1:30pm – 4:00pm

Wrap up on the Day

Review the outcomes of the Discussion Groups - highlighting hot topics for further investigation

Closing Unpanel:

· Vincent Berge, Mobile Distillery

· Tyler Lessard or Mike Kirkup, RIM

· Steven Cull, Oracle

After Party:

Developer Program Bowling Smack Down & Jameoke!

Doors Open 8:30pm, Bowling starts at 9:30pm

Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes.

You must attend WIP Jam and get your invitation to attend.

4:30 – 5:30ish pm

Discussion Group Topics and Speakers:

Discussion groups are focused on uncovering the information, resources and the people that are necessary for successful mobile application development. The room is divided into 6 circles of chairs. A discussion topic takes place in each circle, lead by 2-4 discussion leaders. When time is up, attendees move to a new circle and topic of choice for a maximum of 3 sessions to attend. Each session is held at least twice.

Topic / Circle

1:30 to 2:20

2:20 to 3:10

3:30 to 4:20

1. MONEY: App Stores

In an ideal world how would you set up an app store. Also if you have a cool app, how do you identify the best app store for you and how do you really stand out from the crowd?

Discussion Leaders:

Thibaut Rouffineau, Symbian Foundation

Terry Hughes, Redwood Technologies

Peter Baldwin, PB Strategic Consultancy



2. CONTENT: Application Preloads

Getting on deck can be the Holy Grail for developers - discuss the best techniques and strategies to achieve this. Who are the key players in the North American pre-load market?

Discussion Leaders:

Eric Ang, Sony Ericsson

Vincent Berge, Mobile Distillery

Ed Schmit, AT&T



3. CONTENT: Mashups - Adding social & location awareness

Providing a social and location awareness to a mobile application is getting to be almost mandatory. Share your creative insight with other developers on what works well - and , from experience, what has really failed to take off. Discuss the sources of mapping data and tools - and investigate how you can drive commercial success.

Discussion Leaders:

Tim Haysom, OMTP

Mikael Vinding, JYGY

Nick Black, Cloudmade



4. MONEY: Mak’n Money

My app doesn’t make money! Then come to this group to get tips on what to try next - what works and what doesn’t. WHO works and who doesn’t! What is the true value chain? What are the best business practices for “mak’n money”? Can I make money from basic services?

Discussion Leaders:

Raj Singh, Skyfire

Pavan Mandhani, Mobifusion



5. CONTENT: Enterprise

Breaking into the enterprise market can be challenging, but are the rewards there to justify the effort?

Discussion Leaders:

Kevin McGuire, Microsoft

Steven Cull, Oracle



6. MONEY: Payment models

OK, so you’ve spent the time and effort being innovative around your latest app, but are there ways you can also be creative when it comes to making money? Have you tried alternative models of payment such as micropayments - if so, did they work?

Discussion Leaders:

Sean O Sullivan, Dial2Do

Jeppe Dorff Ramlau-Hansen, Clickatell



7. CONTENT: Widgets
What innovative technologies and delivery mechanisms are available for distributing content to operators and mobile channels? Are widgets a viable technology and can I make money from them? What are the long-term prospects for widgets and what cool things would we like to see in the future?

Discussion Leaders:

Bill Lee, Access

Joe Gore & David Mitchell, Accuweather

Elliot Broadwin, Sandisk

Yael Wagner, Sun



8. CONTENT: Making Apps Interactive & Addictive
I want to push the limits and pull users back into my application every hour, not every week. What should I be doing in my application to make it a “must have, addictive application” that people rely on every day?

Discussion Leaders:

Tyler Lessard/Mike Kirkup, RIM

Barbara Ballard, Little Springs Design



Agendas from previous Jam sessions can be found on the World Tour page.