WIP September Newsletter: BACK! BACK! BACK!

Are you back?

We hope so! Cause we do not want you to miss our back-letter!

And if you chose August to take your holidays you might have missed a few things:

Back to Square One for WebOS with HP Looking to sell the OS (and its developer community?) while Microsoft and the Android community circle around!

Backend! Best joke from my Turing Festival presentation in Edinburgh done entirely from a browser. Next year the Fringe!

BCK? With Google’s acquisition of Motorola we wonder if we’ll see a NXS, a GGL and a UTUB in the market soon, or is it just about patents?

Back to school!  With a new series of webinars on Android development sponsored by Immersion. Register quickly!

Back to Back conferences! London Mobile week is hitting us from Sep 30th to October 7th with OTA, MMA, Planet of the Apps, and Droidcon!

Backward? Some of the patent practices in the mobile space, heard of Lodsys anyone, let us know!

Back channel! As Google releases a preview Android SDK add-on for its Google TV.

Back home! As Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO.

Bak Bak!  (Look Look! in Turkish) Nokia announces Symbian’s latest update  Belle with NFC support (and yes NFC is big in Turkey)

Backdoor, front door! As CyanogenMod founder goes from custom ROM to Samsung and Comex from jailbreaking to Apple.

Back next month!!  If you enjoyed this newsletter feel free to share it and see you next month!