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Oh What A Night!

The Dev Program Bowling Smackdown held April 2 after the Jam Session was a perfect ending to a great day of Jam’n. Nine teams lead by Developer program representatives battled it out on the bowling lanes for the right to claim the title of “Best Bowlers”. The title goes to The Blackberry Bruisers! Congratulations!

Here are the Smackdown results:

  • 1st - The Blackberry Bruisers with an average score of 118 points
  • 2nd – The AT&T ATTackers – 115 points
  • 3rd - The Microsoft Incredibowls – 104 points
  • The ACCESS King Pins – 103 points
  • The OMTP Surfers – 102 points
  • The Symbian Sizzlers – 100 points
  • The Sun Hyper Strikers – 98 points
  • The Sony Ericsson High Rollers – 97 points
  • The Oracle Gutter Brawlers – 86 points


JameokeIt was an evening of bowling, networking, laughing and singing. Yes, by popular demand, Jameoke was back, lead by Stephen from Mob4Hire! “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was a crowd favourite once again.

Thank you to our sponsors. Without you, these great events would not be possible. Special thanks to Symbian for the bowling team T-shirts!

Please see video coverage of the event! WIP Jam Dev Program Bowling Smackdown

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Another Successful Jam Session!

Thank you to all attendees, speakers, discussion leaders and sponsors for helping to make our 8th Jam Session, held April 2nd, 2009 at CTIA in Vegas, a huge success. By the numbers, there were:

  • 189 attendees from 12 countries and 5 continents representing
    130 companies
  • 14 speakers
  • 21 discussion leaders
  • 8 discussion topics
  • 7 sponsors

Unpanel Discussion

Discussion Group


Stay tuned for announcements of future WIP Jam Sessions coming soon! Jam on!

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WIPJAM Bowling SmackDown

Only one more sleep before WIPJam and SmackDown Bowling & Jameoke!

We are pleased to announce the following teams and their captains:

Lane & Team Captain

1. The ACCESS ‘King Pins’- Jimmy ‘Ninja’ Della

2. The Sony Ericsson ‘High Rollers’- Eric ‘Madness’ Ang

3. The AT&T ‘ATTackers’- Amy ‘Boom Boom’ Law

4. The Symbian ‘Sizzlers’- Paul ‘Rabble Rouser’ Jarratt

5. The Blackberry ‘Bruisers’- Mike ‘Stinger’ Kirkup

6. The Oracle ‘Gutter Brawlers’- Steve ‘The Body’ Cull

7. The Microsoft ‘The Incredibowls’- Kevin ‘Killer’ McGuire

8. The Orange ‘Krushers’- Steve ‘Yankee’ Glagow

9. The OMTP ‘Surfers’- Tim ‘ Eat my Dust’ Haysom

10. The Sun ‘Hyper Strikers’- Yael ‘Twinkle Toes’ Wagner

It is going to be a fabulous event.  You have to be a registered Jam’er and must attend WIPJAM to get your intive to this  once in a lifetime chance to “BOWL with the Developer Programs”!

Transportation and location hints for the SmackDown: Shuttles are available to the RIO from the Paris and the Harris. Once you are at the RIO, Lucky Strikes is located across from the Carnival World Buffet! 

Jam on!

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Who’s Coming to WIP Jam at CTIA Wireless in Vegas?

Here’s who! So far anyway - registration closes on Wednesday, March 25, 2009.  What are you waiting for?



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WIP Jam After Party at CTIA Wireless in Vegas - April 2.

Well we don’t think we can just stop jamm’n after our Day for Developers is over at the upcoming International CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas.  Our sponsors and developers didn’t either - so we added an After Party! 

And in true WIP fashion, we wanted an event that was fun, interactive, and really condusive to great networking.  Why not bowling!

Wait for it - we are hosting the Dev Program Bowling SmackDown event after Jam starting at 8:30pm at the Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes and Lounge.  Ten Developer Programs including Access, Sony Ericsson, Symbian Foundation, AT&T Dev Central, RIM-Blackberry, Microsoft-Windows Mobile, Oracle, and Orange Partner will square off joined by Jam attendees.  Rumour has it that Symbian is bringing 10 different colored t-shirts for the teams!  We will announce the team captains and team names next week.

Symbian Foundation Let's Loose We are also pleased to again have Stephen King from Mob4Hire lead Jameoke - it was so popular at MWC in Barcelona.  We’ll have 2 guitars and a set of bongo drums, and lots of good songs - so be sure to join in to the fun.


This is an INVITE ONLY party, so you have to sign up and attend our WIP Jam Day for Developers to get your ticket…. or suck up to a WIPster or sponsor for a few additional tickets that will be around.

Jam on!


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AT&T devCentral Fast-Pitch 2009 Platinum Awards

Another Contest!


Don’t miss your chance to pitch your cutting-edge mobile app, service, or content to AT&T for a chance to win a share of $70,000 in cash prizes, the opportunity to go-to-market with AT&T, and the coveted title of 2009 Fast-Pitch Platinum Award winner.

devCentral, the AT&T Developer Program, will be hosting the Fast-Pitch Platinum Awards for consumer and enterprise developers at CTIA Wireless at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 1-3, 2009. These awards are designed to recognize the innovation, creativity, and skill of the mobile development community.

Submissions for the contest are due by 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time, March 10, 2009. Learn more about the awards and enter soon!

To ensure consideration, it is highly encouraged that you enter the contest now even if you are not ready to submit your full application yet. You can then return to the Fast-Pitch registration site to submit your application before the entry deadline of 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time, March 10, 2009.

Selected contest entrants will pitch and demonstrate their solutions to a panel of AT&T decision makers in a private meeting at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas.

Go to the Fast-Pitch registration site for complete contest rules, descriptions and details for consumer and enterprise categories, and to sign up!

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Carnival of the Mobilists - #163: Golden Swamp

After bidding adieu to #mwc09, we’re back to work for the CTIA (Vegas baby!) WIPJAM. This week’s mobilist comes from Golden Swamp, and they have provided some link love on our Mobile World Congress wrap up as well as some discussion on how much we actually like the touch screen revolution.

In completely unrelated news, WIPJAM has now upgraded along with the rest of the world to Wordpress 2.7.1! Yeah!

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Mobile Jam Las Vegas Wrap

On behalf of DotOpen and WIP who have partnered to bring you Mobile Jam session – thanks to all the participants, the speakers, the sponsors and Teresa Ostman for making things work smoothly.  Watch the website for upcoming opportunities to Jam On! And check out the photos on Flickr.  

Here are notes takes from the Mobile Jam Las Vegas.  Some of these were taken during the sessions, much were taken directly from the flipchart notes made during the Improv Sessions.  If you see a mistake or something taken out of context – correct it with your comments! 

The 2nd Mobile Jam Session was held the day before CTIA in Las Vegas.  We had 100 folks attend throughout the day, mostly developers from North America, but a good sprinkling of folks from Europe and Asia as well.  Thanks to our sponsors, session speakers and all the participants. The most common comment heard at the end of the day was: “I’ve run out of business cards, I didn’t think I’d meet so many people”.  Excellent – that’s what we wanted to hear! 

We started off with an UnPanel of Developer Programs featuring James Pearce of dotMobi, Claudia Backus of MotoDev, Mikael Nerde of Sony Ericsson, Thibaut Rouffineau from Symbian, Amy Bang from AT&T and Steve Glagow of Orange Partner.  They got the opportunity to ask the audience questions.   

On the question of Barriers to Development, the top issues for developers were:
- access to devices- the need for more platforms such as Flash on devices
- accessibility to good market data and use cases- certification
- lack of business models (most thought big revenue was still 5 years off).
- Lots of questions and discussion on web vs native apps and how the devices and operators are dealing with these.   

There were supposed to be 6 Improv Session in the afternoon, but really on 5 happened.  The Session on Developing drew limited interest, which as mentioned above was far different from the session in Barcelona where it was full all the time.  The session that drew the most interest were Mobile 2.0 and Go to Market and Channels.  

Session 1 Mobile OS and Platforms
We weren’t able to get notes from this discussion, so let’s encourage the leaders Vincent Berge from Mobile Distillery to share a few with us. 

Session 2 Mobile 2.0
Lively discussion led by CellSpin – Vince Laviano, Rococo – Sean O’Sullivan and Idean - Santtu Toivonen
- Voice or Text- what are the demographics
- Service discovery still an issue , the willingness of users to download and install, and actually use social networks
- What is the definition  Mobile 2.0 
- social networking in a broad sense
- integrating web services and mobile 
How to attract users:- share data plans
- viral marketing- increase awareness among users 
How to filter content
- status messages
- circles of friends
- location based 
- carriers
- handsets 
Success= take the best of the Web 2.0 and respect the features of mobile (presence, location ec) 

3.  Testing & Certification was led by: GetJar – Bill Scott, Mob4Hire – Paul Poutanen and Device Anywhere – David Marsyla
Agreed there were many approaches but in general T&C offers no value added, seems to be for insurance only 
Variables include:
- manufacturers
- carriers
- testing solutions
- porting platforms
- browsers- certification
- user agent blocking  
On Signing Apps- third parties certify, if you want to call it ‘cert’
- how to simplify
- 3rd parties are not perfect, susceptible to human error and commercial motivation
- self certification
– would like to see this taken further as an option, with 3rd parties doing the final check
- really hard for small companies, how can this process be democratized
- concept of intermediate development layers to help
- will open OS and handsets help???? 

 4.  Channels was led by: Cellmania- Peter Baldwin, AORTA- Chetan Sharma, and Astraware/Handmark – John Philips
Direct to consumerAdvertisingPersonalizationMarketing
– evangelists and viral work best

6  Open Source was led by:  Aplix – Stanley Kao, Motorola - Asokan Thiyagarajan (Ashok) and Funambol - Greg Gamp
Consensus was not to be on open source in the short term 

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Mobile Jam CTIA - Companies Attending

Here’s the list of the companies attending as of now. If you’d like to participate, hurry up and register now… there are only a few seats left! Check also our agenda and bio’s of speakers.

See you on Monday… Jam On!
Airsource Ltd
Aplix Corp.
Arena Mobile
Avot Media Inc
Brilliant Expos
ComVu Media, Inc.
Crisp Wireless
deCarta Inc
Device Anywhere
Dilithium Networks
Direct Mobile Partners
Drop In Media / Ojingo Labs
Face Cake
GenMobi Technologies Inc.
GetJar Networks
GW Hannaway & Associates
Handi Mobility Inc.
HI Corporation America, Inc.
I-Com Mobile
IUGO Mobile Entertainment
Javaground, Inc.
Jibe Mobile
La cuisine des papas
Lab Shanghai International
Mark Space, Inc.
MIT/Stanford Venture Lab
Mob4hire Inc.
Mobile Distillery
Motorola, Inc.
NII Holdings, Inc.
Novatel Wireless, Inc.
OnDeego Inc
Openwave Systems, Inc.
Orange Partner
Powernet Global
Qipit, Inc.
Quattro Wireless
R Systems
Recom Research
Redwood Technologies
Sage COnsulting
Scigliano Group Inc.
Some Bazaar
Sony Ericsson
Staffing Elements
Symbian Ltd
Teradata Corporation
Textopoly, Inc.
Tira Wireless, Inc
UIQ Technology
Vibes Media
Walk The Talk Media
YYZ Technologies

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