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WIPJam @ ATT Dev Summit Jan 6, 2010

We had a great time at the AT&T Developer Summit held January 6th in Las Vegas. IMG_1030IMG_6926Our WIPJam Quiz was a hit - powered by great phone/t-shirt prizes and eager developers! Did you know that an ant can live 2 weeks under water? Crazy but true. What does that have to do with the mobile industry you ask? Not much but we had to throw in a few easy questions! Developers rocked and so did we along with AT&T staff and event sponsors. Christian Kurzke from Motorola got into the grove with Caroline Lewko from WIP. DS Benbow from AT&T, Caroline and I, Teresa Ostman, posed for a quick photo opt during the fun! Jam On! Photos by George Bekich

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What Captain Kirk, Batman and the Justice League know about Opening the Mobile Web

 We’ve asked our speakers and sponsors to provide some blog fodder as a lead up to Mobile Jam on September 12.  

Steve McDonnel   Steve McDonnell, the Global Alliance Manager, Strategic Platforms & Internet Technologies at Motorola has a few things to say about how the mobile web is going to open up: 

 There are so many people talking about widgets and mobile web today and is it really any wonder? I remember watching TV shows where the characters (Captain Kirk, Batman and the whole Justice League, for example) had access to the types of communication devices that are only now becoming a real possibility. I’m not optimistic about driving a jet car any time soon, but I’m pretty close to having a gadget that will surpass Kirk’s communicator, (GPS and voice, big deal.) 

Why is mobile web so exciting, and why are widgets making the whole thing more real for so many people, here’s what I think.


Mobile is the most personal, immediate and convenient way to access the web

·         Personal - A consumers phone is possibly the most uniquely personal computing device they own

·         Always with the user - Instantly accessible

·         The only always-on mass media


Today’s the web experience on mobile is like the Internet circa 1997

·         Mobile browsing is not living up to user expectations

·         Without widgets, users need to actively search to find exactly what they need

·         Once there, many pages are static

·         Or there is limited information on a small screen, so they need to scroll or search further


Consumers are demanding a better mobile web experience.

We don’t have to open up the mobile web, consumers will do that, 25% of all mobile phone users around the world access the internet on their phones, a staggering 825 million people (Real Networks, 2007). Paid content on mobile is already $31.3 Billion globally…greater than Hollywood or video games. Consumers are demanding a better mobile web experience.


Widgets and web applications provide consumers the mobile internet experience they want, reducing friction on the way to getting the information and services they’re looking for.

  Agree or disagree?  Steve will be on the UnPanel #1  - Opening the Mobile Web.  Give him more to think about by providing your comments!   

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