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Carnival of Mobilists #209

RioCarnival 209Complete with a carnival pic from Rio, Carnival #209 is brought to us by Dennis at WAP Review. It is bursting with great material as always. Here is a small selection of what you will find: “iPad: The (attempted) Windows killer” by Michael Mace; Mobile Mandala’s Mark Jaffe makes a wake up call to the mainstream entertainment business in Mobile Is Not An Island; and an interview with WIPJam Lead Sponsor Ericsson submitted by the WIP Team who are getting ready for WIPJam on February 18th taking place in the new App Planet at MWC. Jam On!

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Carnival of Mobilists #207

carnival-masks-2This week’s offering is brought to us by Volker on Mobile complete with carnival masks for carnival season.

Aviv Revach looks forward to the Mobile World Congress and is once again compiling a list of networking events. We know that he has already signed up for our WIPJam taking place on Thursday, February 18 at MWC in App Planet. It is a great networking event for developers and this one is shaping up to be our best one yet! The Carnival also features a WIPJam post written by our guest Malik Saadi, Principal Analyst at Informa. His article explains how the emergence of a fragmented smartphonosphere will make native development incredibly more difficult to scale and thus less and less economically viable and much more.

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WIPJam @ ATT Dev Summit Jan 6, 2010

We had a great time at the AT&T Developer Summit held January 6th in Las Vegas. IMG_1030IMG_6926Our WIPJam Quiz was a hit - powered by great phone/t-shirt prizes and eager developers! Did you know that an ant can live 2 weeks under water? Crazy but true. What does that have to do with the mobile industry you ask? Not much but we had to throw in a few easy questions! Developers rocked and so did we along with AT&T staff and event sponsors. Christian Kurzke from Motorola got into the grove with Caroline Lewko from WIP. DS Benbow from AT&T, Caroline and I, Teresa Ostman, posed for a quick photo opt during the fun! Jam On! Photos by George Bekich

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2010 Predictions for Mobile Developers

This year you are in for a double dose of Predictions for Mobile Developers, as Thibaut and Caroline team up with their views.

Swami Thibaut Rouffinuea weighs in on 2010Thibaut Rouffineau, based in London,UK is up first:

Predictions tend to be of this Nostradamus type that are not measurable and quantifiable… So let’s try to give actual measures and verifiable facts. Even if it means that each of them can be influenced … but isn’t it the goal too :D
So here we go for our 2010 predictions:

  • Android saves Google in Europe in the face of increasing legal & regulatory pressures.

Google will start the year with even more trouble on their hands in Europe with an increasing number of issues raised by European governments and regulatory bodies. Android will be at the forefront of their defense, as a proof that they are encouraging competition rather than stifling it. This can only and should  be accompanied with a relaxed approach to the way Google and the OHA manage Android throughout 2010.

  • Android becomes the de facto standard for enterprise application and devices

Android is cheap to own, cheap to port, easy to develop for, available in all sorts of form factors, and has an increasingly large workforce available… For these reasons lagging enterprise mobile IT sees a revival through Android as it ticks for the consumer needs (Unlike Windows) and the enterprise needs (Unlike Apple).

  • The mobile developer / marketing scene reorganizes

With mobile marketing taking front stage in 2010 the whole developer / agency / operator ecosystem will feel the need to reorganise to provide more transparency and proof points concerning its efficiency, increase the visibility and management of  data driven activities, to address the shortage of developer skills. The reorganization is likely to see the growth of operator and OEM based mobile marketing agency services.

  • Increasing importance of security and identity providers

I was really impressed to hear a number of regulators at the latest ITU World Conference comment that cybersecurity was their number one concern at present. This concern is matched by an increasing need for cross platform identity requirements such as mobile banking, social media, enterprise and e/m-commerce. This somewhat “unsexy” field is therefore bound to grow in importance in 2010 with mobile operator, social network providers, e/m-commerce players, cloud computing providers all fighting head-on to offer the service.

  • The first mobile application developed on a mobile device or netbook is published

With the increasing computing power of palmable devices (handheld and MID), the universalisation of development tools, we’re bound to see our first mobile apps developed exclusively on these devices. The origin is more likely to be from Asia or Africa but no doubt others will jump to the challenge.

Sage Caroline channels mobile developer predictionsCaroline Lewko’s (Vancouver, Canada) turn on 2010 Predictions:

2009 was a tough and tumultuous year in mobile development.  The economic downturn saw lots of layoffs, a tough environment to raise funds, and lower turnout out at the big tradeshows.  But despite these negatives, the mobile industry continued to grow, we saw new devices like the Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid; new platforms like Samsung’s Bada; lots of new Appstores (see Thibaut’s blog  below); and a growing love of mobile by consumers and developers.

So what’s ahead for 2010????

1.  More Android - here an Android, there an Android, everywhere an Android….

Google has done such a cracker jack job of cozying up to all the major mobile operators around the world; and with most device OEMs signed up as well, expect to see more Android phones released.   Android is going to be everywhere.

2.  More BlackBerryleading the party

I don’t agree with Thibaut’s prediction on Android becoming the de facto enterprise development standard.  BlackBerry still has a strong foothold in the enterprise space and there are many of us still holding tightly onto our crackberries.  Watch BlackBerry this year – I think you’ll see them everywhere too.  RIM is stepping up to the plate and becoming less Canadian, spending lots of money on a full-on promotional campaigns and sponsorships to both developers and consumers.  Expect big showings at CES and MWC.

3.  Less iPhoneconsumers get ‘smarter’ about Kleenex

So, last November in San Francisco I grabbed a cab to take me to  the Marriott, here was our conversation:

CLL:  Please take me to the Marriott on Fourth Ave
Cabbie:  Oh, you must be going to the BlackBerry conference
CLL:  I am, you really know what’s going on!
Cabbie:  Of course – that’s where they are talking about making cool stuff for the iPhones.
CLL:  ah, no….. and then I went into an explanation on how the iPhone is just a brand name and doesn’t represent all smart phones and cool applications

iPhone has become a genericized trademark. Given the increase in marketing for Android, BlackBerry and other handsets; and the striated distribution of the iPhone away from exclusivity; I think consumers are going to gain better understanding of the variety of smart phones with ‘cool stuff’ that is available with other really great trademarks!

4.  More Application Innovation just say Aaaaa PIs

Applications sure proliferated last year, and certainly there were lots of creative and useful applications.  However, the only truly interesting innovation was in Augmented Reality. Expect to see more AR applications this year – see Lester Madden’s Augmented Planet for the best information on AR platforms and applications.

WOW - more innovative mobile apps are coming! I believe 2010 will be a year where we get back to innovation again, the stuff that makes us go WOW. Here’s why:  investment is starting to flow again; a lot of new developers have tested themselves on the iPhone and are ready for something more to test their skills; access to operator APIs are getting easier thanks to the work of companies like Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson; other platform APIs are going prime time; there are lots of great cross platform development resources out now; and other platforms like Java in the form of MIDP3 is gaining new capabilities.  It means lots of opportunities to be creative; and more resources to streamline development.  I can’t wait to see what developers come up with!

Thanks to Teresa Ostman our resident expert on events, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention 4G as another technology to watch in 2010.  She is seeing a steady increase in LTE and WiMAX event worldwide.  With implementation of LTE and WiMax on the rise,  these will likely lead to additional innovation in app development too.

New Year’s Resolutions for Mobile Developers:

As last year  - continue to follow the money.  All these great new opportunities also continue to add to fragmentation, so smart decisions still need to be made in order to find success.  Check out the WIP Wiki Resources for some companies and tools that may be able to speed up your development.

Interested to see how we did with our previous predictions (not to bad actually!), check these out:  2009 2008 and 2007.

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Carnival of Mobilists #204

This week’s carnival is brought to the mobile world by London Calling. This last carnival of the decade is bursting with interesting reading. Including an article from Raj Singh, a regular WIPJam attendee and member of our Developer Advisory Team, entitled Geo-monopolies. Volker Hirsch has a post on “The Power of Open: Why Android is Big” and our own Thibaut Rouffineau provides a comprehensive comparison of app stores! Here at WIP, we are looking forward to another great year of Carnival of Mobilists in 2010!

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Carnival of Mobilists #202

This week, the Carnival is hosted by Mobile Strategy where you will find thought-provoking pieces, inside scoops, tough questions and overall interesting posts on a variety of topics. Included is an interview that our Wipster Thibaut conducted with Victor Shaburov, the CEO of Handster, a company that provides a mobile appstore and specializes in white label appstores for OEM and Operators.

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Carnival of Mobilists #201

clown noseThis week’s Carnival is hosted by Burning the Bacon with Barrett. It includes an interesting article from Francisco Kattan “Why Droid will hurt RIM more than the iPhone” where he predicts and outlines why he believes the new Droid will fail to impact the iphone and will instead take a bite out of the blackberry. Check out other articles including; the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition by Volker Hirsch and C. Enrique Ortiz’ perspective on where the NFC industry is at and what it needs to do to start reaching its potential.

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Mini WIPJam @ AT&T Dev Summit

We are pleased to announce the next stop on the WIPJam World Tour!

Mini WIPJam
January 6, 2010 (day before CES)
Las Vegas
at the AT&T Developer Summit

The AT&T Developer Summit offers a completely customizable experience based upon your unique needs. Exciting announcements will set you on track for the day during the morning General Session, including the Keynote by Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

The afternoon offers breakout sessions with two technical tracks dedicated to Software Developers, as well as Commercialization & Marketing and Emerging Devices Organization for Marketing and Business professionals.

The evening is chock full of networking, delicious dinner & drinks, and Vegas style entertainment.

If you are a techie, join the AT&T Code Camp from 10 PM – 3 AM for a fun night of coding and other surprises!

Check out the Summit website for Registration and more information

Stay tuned for more details on WIPJam activities.

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WIPJam @ MWC Call for Speakers/Sponsors

WIPJam is back at Mobile World Congress. Make sure to save
Thursday, February 18, 2010 for WIPJam a Day for Developers.

It is going to be a great event once again!

In 2010, WIP is thrilled to be a Gold Partner with the GSMA Mobile World Congress. We are also a Partner with their new App Planet that is taking over Hall 7 at the 2010 Congress.

App Planet is an “event within an event” at Mobile World Congress 2010 that will present a unique opportunity to explore the many dimensions of the dynamic and critically important mobile applications market. By pulling all the key players together in one place at one time, App Planet will be new Center of the Apps Universe for the four days of Mobile World Congress.

Plans are well underway for WIPJam @ MWC so stay tuned.

Qualcomm has already joined us as a sponsor with more to come!

We are currently looking for speakers/sponsors. Please contact us if you want to participate. Jam On!

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Carnival of Mobilists #199

iguanaThis week the Carnival stops at the new-look Mobileslate, where host Eric Chan takes the helm. The eclectic collection of posts includes a closer look at app stores (facts, figures and payment mechanisms) and a welcome deep-dive into key mobile market figures from Chetan Sharma.

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