Part of OSiM World - Open Source in Mobile World
September 15 & 16, 2009
Hotel Okura, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday 15th September

The first day of the conference is free to attend for registered developers with a series of panel, discussion and presentations from leaders in the mobile and open source space: Google, Eclipse Foundation, Linux Foundation, Nokia,  Mozilla, Qualcomm, Symbian Foundation, T-Mobile …

And especially for developer a session on “Which Platform is best to Develop For, and Why?” chaired by Caroline Lewko (WIP) , with the expert advices of Sean O Sullivan (Dial2do), Vincent Berge (Mobile Distillery), Robert Virkus (Enough Software),  Tony Hartley (Mobile Sorcery), John Chasey (Metismo).

Wednesday 16th September

We are out to make this the biggest (and best) event for mobile open source developers!

Developers are given free reign (as in free beer and free entrance!) at the conference this year, to attend the keynotes, sessions and check out the exhibits. Of course the Jam is where you’ll really want to be. It’s an unconference format where we are serious about NO PPT, NO Panels and No Ties! Booyah!!

8:00 Registration
8:55 – 11:00
Enjoy the OSiM General Conference Keynotes and then Networking Refreshments in the Exhibits area.

On the agenda for the main conference: Speed Networking, Operator panel on openness ( Orange, T-Mobile, US-Cellular, Vodafone), Nokia and Samsung talking about their approach to openness.

11:00 – 11:15
Enjoy coffee, coffee (again) and refreshments!

LIVE CODING SESSION: Mobilizing your website

11:15 – 11:30
Tom Deryckere from Siruna accepted the challenge to mobilize a website live in front of the WIPJam audience! The challenge is simple : get us a mobile web presence based on existing web presence in just an hour and a half!

JAM OPENING UNPANEL: Developers’ Influence in Open Source

11:30 – 12:45
Open doesn’t always mean OPEN, rather varying degrees of access into APIs, app stores and everything in between. Where are the leverage points for developers to make their voice heard and get their needs met?

An UnPanel is made up of industry leads who ask the audience questions. We get started into a lively group discussion right away, so take your seat early.

On our unpanel: David “Lefty” Schlesinger (Access), Philippe Robin (ARM), Ralph Mueller (Eclipse Foundation), Christof Fromm (E-Plus), Claudia Backus (Motorola), David Axmark (MySQL), Lars Kurth (Symbian Foundation)

12:45 – 13:45
Networking Lunch and OSiM World 2009 Exhibit Visits

DISCUSSION GROUPS: Deep Dive on Topics
13:45 – 16:00
Discussion groups are lead by an Industry Leader and Peer Developer to facilitate a discussion on a given topic. It’s the opportunity to ask questions, share case studies, debate what works, what doesn’t and what should. There will be a minimum of six (6) discussion topics, and you’ll get a chance to participate in at least three of them. Each session is held for 40 minutes.

Discussion groups topics are slowly converging, here’s a first draft list… Let us know what you think of them… or any other thought you had:

  • Open Services - Operators are now keen to give developers the key to their networks… through APIs that can be used in mobile apps or on the desktop. What are they? How to access them? What can you do with them?
    • Discussion Leaders:  Sean O’Sullivan (Dial2Do), Mark Verdegaal (Vodafone), Marc Vrijhof (GravityZoo)
  • App Stores - App store mania is upon us. Which ones are the best? Who should really operate them: mfgrs/ operators/ aggregators?
    • Discussion Leaders: Christoph Fromm (E-Plus), Che Mott (Monodomo), Joe Barrett (Qualcomm),Robert Guenther (Smaato)
  • Location - Almost every app can use location. What’s the best way to integrate location? What creative implementations have you seen?
    • Discussion Leaders: Mathys Van Abbe (Mobypicture), Martijn Pannevis (Panman), Robert Kempf (Teleca)
  • User Experience - You live & die by user experience, and traditional open source hasn’t faired well here. Where does design and UX fit into the mobile open source equation.
    • Discussion Leaders:  James Burke (Lifesized), Scott Weiss (Symbian Foundation)
  • Platforms - Open Source is the new black in the world of platforms. What does it mean for developers? Consolidation? More transparency? Let’s take a review of all things “open” and decide which platforms get us to market faster. Is it LiMo, Android, Symbian…..??
    • Discussion Leaders: Vincent Berge (Mobile Distillery), Robert Virkus (Enough Software), Tony Hartley (Mobile Sorcery), Terrence Barr (Sun)
  • Web development - Mobile web development : Opera, Fennec, WRT, Chrome, widget, Java FX, Flash… What options? why so many platforms? how to make a choice?
    • Discussion Leaders: Francois Daoust (W3C), Nick Allott (OMTP), Sanj Matharu (Vodafone)
  • Monetization - And you thought life was difficult already with a growing number of platforms and appstores… now open source comes into mobile… does this mean less or more money for mobile developers? and how?
    • Discussion Leaders: Andrew Till (Teleca), Rene Heuven (Inmote), Tim OCock (Symsource)
  • Netbooks and other devices- The shelves are filling up with new netbooks…  more players, silicon vendors, OEM, open source OS… What opportunities for developers? A Universal PC for developing countries or the next platform business applications?
    • Discussion Leaders: Phillipe Robin (ARM), Paul Cooper (Intel), John Chasey (Metismo)
  • 16:00 – 16:15

    Enjoy coffee, coffee (again) and refreshments!

    JAM CLOSING UNPANEL: Mobile Web development
    16:15 – 17:15
    Let’s open the lid to the world of mobile web development! Widget frameworks, browsers, WebOSes mobile development is going web! But while web means simpler development getting your head around the mobile web story is no easy feat. Is it the end of applications? The end of fragmentation? Come and discuss with our experts to close the day on a high note.

    On our unpanel: Dirk Groten (Layar), Nick Allott (OMTP), Tom Deryckere (Siruna), Sanj Matharu(Vodafone), Francois Daoust (W3C)

    Qualified Developers get in for FREE! (You know WIP is looking out for YOU!)

    Register here or visit facebook site or directly with OSIM.

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