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Carnival of Mobilists #189

From her base in Siegburg, Germany, Peggy Anne Salz of MSearchGroove.com brings us the week’s worldwide Best & Brightest blogging in Carnival of the Mobilists #189. Lots of great reading material here. A comprehensive list of mobile industry facts and figures has been posted and explained by Andy Favell and the team at mobiThinking.com. Did you know that there are 4.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide; growing to 5.8 billion in 2013? Check out the article for more great information.

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Carnival of Mobilists #188

Hosted by Judy Breck at GoldenSwamp.com, Carnival #188 is a celebration of the Frog Days of Summer, featuring this week’s featured mobilist blogging that is is brimming with ideas and information. It Includes an article from Jose Colucci at MobileStrategy, who blogs as a Canadian consumer of financial services. His article, “12 Reasons Why Canadian Banks Should Really Offer Mobile Services” is very interesting. Mobile banking… hmmm - stay tuned.

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Carnival of Mobilists #187

Host Jamie Wells at mobilestance.com tells us it is typical with most summertime carnivals for the heat to bring out the passion - and Carnival #187 does not disappoint. Steve Smith of min online gets The Post of the Week for his post Top Five iPhone Revenue Ideas Magazines Should Steal.

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Carnival of Mobilists #186

Carnival #186 at allaboutiPhone.net is a speed write from host Matt Radford that deftly touches important bases so you can jump to the week’s best mobile blogging. Check out Chetan Sharma’s latest US Wireless Data Market Update - Q2 2009. It’s crammed full of interesting analysis including the following: The App vs. Mobile Web discussion reached a surprisingly new crescendo. The evolution is pretty clear - for the applications that don’t require significant UI resources, it will be better to develop in for the browser, for intensive games, the native platform will be ahead of the browser advances. The location API access on the iPhone browser is breakthrough to have developers start thinking about the webapps.

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WIP Opportunities @ CTIA

Be Scene @ CTIA

Great news for WIP members! Here are 3 ways to get involved with WIP @ CTIA in San Diego, CA. (Not a WIP member? Register here!)

1. Developer Pavilion at CTIA
Wednesday, October 7 - Friday, October 9, 2009
Fully pimped out booth (5′ x 10′ for $2,000.00) and valuable extras
Deadline August 7 for full benefits!

2. Pepcom - Mobilefocus@CTIA WIRELESS IT&E 2009
October 7, 2009; 7:00 - 10:00 pm
At the Omni in San Diego
20% WIP Member Discount

Thursday October 8, 2009
Don’t forget to sign up to Jam with us!

Here is more information on these great opportunities!
Developer Pavilion at CTIA
Wednesday, October 7 - Friday, October 9, 2009

Become an exhibitor at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Show with us!
We’ve secured a great rate and valuable extras for WIP members and partners at the Developer Pavilion. Fully pimped out booths are available in 2 sizes:
• 5’ x 10’ booth for $2,000.00 USD
• 10’ x 10’ booth for $3,800.00USD

All booths include:

• 2 chairs
• table (3′ for 5′x10′ booth, 6′ for 10′x10′ booth)
• Electricity (5 amps)
• 5 exhibitor passes to the keynotes and onto the exhibit show floor
• guest passes for customers
• 50 word company description in both the show guide pavilion section as well
as in the regular exhibitor listings. (deadline Aug 7)
• company listing in the cross reference section of the show guide(deadline Aug 7)
• sign identifying each exhibitor hung from the back wall drape
• opportunity to provide a logo to be placed above the company description in
the pavilion section of the show guide. (deadline Aug 7)

WIP is also going to provide a WIP Developer Pavilion Show guide, along with marketing and promotion for the exhibitors before and during the show.

Next Steps:
Go to the Pavilion web page for contracts and registration.
Contact us if you have any questions or require further information.
The deadline is fast approaching so act now!

Pepcom - Mobilefocus@CTIA WIRELESS IT&E 2009

October 7, 2009; 7:00 – 10:00 pm
At the Omni in San Diego
20% WIP Member Discount

MobileFocus is the #1 mobile and wireless press showcase event - held at both CTIA conferences and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Pepcom is offering a 20% discount on the price of a table to any WIP member company that has not previously done a Pepcom event. There will be special signage to identity APP developers at the event! MobileFocus is a great opportunity to demo your products and services to a huge press audience. To take advantage of this great offer, please contact Jon Pepper (jon at pepcom dot com) and mention the “WIP” offer. Space is limited so act fast.


Please register for this popular “Day for Developers”. We have now held WIPJams, miniJams and Jam Receptions on four continents! Jam On!

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Back from linuxTag … with Euro Notes prospectives!

Following our Europe Open Source in mobile WIPjam tour, here’s the third and last blog in a short series summarizing the tour.

The last element of openness spotted during the tour was for open opportunities in the mobile space… Some call it fragmentation and hate the number of niches that keep appearing some see it as wide open spaces in which to create something new!

And at this point in time in Europe, this is probably best illustrated by the number of Android specialized start-ups ExpertiseAndroid, OpenIntents,  OTAMate, akquinet . All these companies have one thing in common :

Their owner takes a bet (probably a reasonable one) on the emergence of Android as a major platform and position his company as a leader in this field by evangelizing about Android at conferences like LinuxTag.

A tried and tested approach? An easy thing to do for anyone with Java skills? Yes maybe… but the rooms are full to listen as the buzz grows…

The absence of Google or any Open Handset Alliance from these events is what makes it an open opportunity… opened for the more daring developreneurs. Anyone with courage and credibility can step up and lead his tribe uncensored, unprompted, unsupported, only motivated solely by the idea that they can generate revenues from the this space.

So far  open opportunity sounds more like the natural human behavior to fill in gaps than it does look like anything new and groundbreaking in the world of mobile software. This is where the second element comes in… The ability to start smaller and smaller. All the companies above are good example of companies starting from garage or still in incubation mode.  This ability to start very small is also an opportunity brought by openness (the Appstore being a good example of the principle).

In a way  the this is quite reminiscent of web development, as was pointed out recently by the panel of VC at MobiTechFest Europe.  The possibility for anyone with a bit of technical background in the web space to develop and host a website makes starting a web company, developing and launching a proof of concept almost effortless and for sure won’t make you penny-less…  This was  makes VCs or rather angels almost redundant (it must be a sign of recession times).

Obviously open source has played a huge role in lowering the barrier to entry for developreneurs, whether its is a LAMP stack, a wordpress or a drupal…

And in a way today the same is happening in mobile… numerous new projects come that promise to lower  the barrier to entry for developers (and hopefully too for the whole value chain). So what’s the state of the nation for mobile developreneurs… what is or will be the LAMP stack or the Drupal of mobile?

One could argue that it will continue to be the LAMP stack and Drupal with tweaks to make them more mobile friendly.  One could also argue that the contenders have to be found on device. Maybe on the web side  of things: webkit, Fennec, or new projects such a phonegap, Or maybe the OS itself?

For now I’ll reserve my votes. But look forward  to exploring the options with you?  Comment here or come and meet us at WIPJam@OSIM to cast your vote

PS: Having been told that the title of the previous post was weird I thought I’d engage into even more oddity and a very bad pun for this one!

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Caroline Lewko, Founder and CEO, WIP, named to Top 10 Women in Wireless

caroline-pictureHere at WIP, we are thrilled that our Founder and CEO, Caroline Lewko, has been named as one of the top 10 Women in Wireless by FierceWireless.

Fierce Wireless selected the top 10 for their accomplishments, their technical savvy, their leadership-and perhaps most importantly, their influence on the industry. As stated in their publication “These are the women who you often see speaking at industry events, working on various committees or negotiating tough deals. From entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into successful ventures to savvy executives who are climbing the corporate ladder in traditionally male-dominated firms, these are the women that the industry should keep an eye on in 2009 and beyond.”

Caroline is in great company on the Top 10 Women in Wireless list. She is joined by the following dynamic women: Cathy Avgiris, Comcast; Jill Braff, Glu Mobile; Venetia Espinoza, T- Mobile; Peggy Johnson, Qualcomm; Selino Lo, Ruckus Wireless; Kelly Owens St. Julian, Boost Mobile; Viviane Reding, European commissioner for Information Society and Media; Cher Wang, Co-founder and chairperson of HTC; and Christy Wyatt, Motorola.

Many of you know Caroline as the “connector”. In fact, she describes herself as a consummate ‘connector’ with a passion for wireless! Active in the wireless/telecom industry since 1995, she has been a coder, funder, business developer and entrepreneur. She is sought out by investors and C level executives for insights, contacts and advice; and has advised and funded hundreds of companies.

If you haven’t met Caroline yet, you probably will-very soon. She spends much of her time traveling around the world, attending conferences and doing what she does best-bringing together various industry players.

At WIP, we aim to bring developers together with the rest of the wireless ecosystem to help shorten development times and foster innovation. We give emerging wireless companies an extra edge in getting products and services to market with global partnerships, events like WIPJam Sessions; Go to Market programs and websites like the WIPwiki (a membership and resource tool). WIP partners with wireless organizations and Developer Programs around the world. According to FierceWireless, “At a time when mobile developers are in high demand, an organization such as WIP is providing a tremendous service to the developer community.” More information about Caroline and WIP is available on our website.

It is interesting to note that Caroline is the only woman on the list who Tweets.

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Verizon Developer Conference Webcast

Watch the Live Webcast from the Verizon Developer Community Conference, taking place July 28, 2009 in San Jose, CA. Register at: www.vdc2009.com

The morning general sessions live webcast will commence at 9:30 am PT (12:30 pm ET) and will provide mobile applications developers with an overview of the VDC, including technical, marketing and network information from Verizon Wireless and other industry leaders.

Confirmed speakers for the morning sessions include:
— Lowell McAdam, chief executive officer, Verizon Wireless
— John Stratton, chief marketing officer, Verizon
— Roger Gurnani, senior vice president, product development, Verizon Wireless
— Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive officer, Research In Motion
— Masayoshi Son, chairman and chief executive officer,Softbank Mobile (via video)
— Executives with developer partners discussing their experiences launching
applications with Verizon

The afternoon deep-dive sessions will be available for viewing on the Web shortly after the conference concludes. The deep-dive sessions include a mini WIPJam complete with an Unpanel and Discussion Groups.

For more information and to register for the webcast, please go to the conference website.

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Carnival of the Mobilists #183 - Mobile World Analysis

This week’s Carnival is hosted at TamsIJungle, with some select mid-summer analysis of the mobile world. Great content has been listed including WIPs Back from Linuxtag so take a look.

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MWC 2009 - So that’s it for another year in Barcelona

I thought I would give you a few impressions of this year’s Mobile World Congress and some of the surrounding activities such as the WIP Jam session we hosted. It should also serve as a useful comparison to the other behemoth in the mobile calendar, CTIA Wireless, which is fast (too fast!) approaching.

Forgoing the first couple of days I missed a lot of the hype and launch hysteria that too often makes MWC so tiresome – sadly I also missed a couple of great parties! - but in between meetings on the Wednesday I did get the chance to stroll about and see a bit of the show.

First impression was that the numbers were down, noticeably down. The official count was down around 10% but it certainly felt like more. Perhaps many people only came on the first couple of days but Wednesday felt pretty quiet. That said, the mood was generally more optimistic than I was expecting. Now I’m not saying that it was full of people dancing about (actually, that was the case on the Cboss stand) but there certainly was positive energy and cool demos being given all over the place.

There weren’t too many show-stealing phones on display, my pick of them would be the HTC Magic (Android), Toshiba TG01 (Windows Mobile), Palm Pre (WebOS), Nokia N97 and the Sony Ericsson Idou (Symbian).

The biggest effect I saw was from the one notable absentee. Apple’s iPhone has really pushed the industry into embracing touchscreen phones – and possibly more importantly, into educating the average consumer about the ability to extend their phone through the use of third party applications. The results of this could be seen in the announcement of a bunch of new app stores, in particular Ovi from Nokia.

Symbian Foundation sings Lions Sleep tonite at Jameoke!

 On the social side of things, just a special mention to the GoMo News Blender followed by the WIP Jameoke at Bel Chica on the Wednesday night. Great informal night in a really atmospheric bar (rated for 75 occupants but probably hosting upwards of 200 for most of the night – as you can imagine, it was quite intimate!). To make the evening even more fun, we had live music and an open mike with many guests joining in energetic renditions of songs such as “Brown Eyed Girl”. Thanks to Stephen King from Mob4Hire who was the lead musician and organized the songs for the nite.  Almost as popular was the 6 meters of pizza that turned up (and almost instantly disappeared beneath a throng of hungry developers)!

 Thursday saw the return of the WIP Jam event – a developer event with a difference. An informal gathering of developers, thought leaders and industry experts meeting with the genuine intention of networking and discussing issues that are important and relevant to the current developer community, regardless of platform, carrier or location.

Many of the issues that could be seen in the larger show were raised during the WIP Jam, and all of us at WIP would like to pass on our thanks to everyone who attended – as always the contributions were terrific. Special BIG THANKS to our sponsors: Adobe, Symbian Foundation, ACCESS, Sony Ericsson, Oracle, Windows Mobile, and O2 Litmus.  We put some of the photos up on our Facebook Group site and will get more up soon!

Inpanel with Caroline Lewko (WIP), David Wood (Symbian), James Parton (O2 Litmus), Christopher David (Sony Ericsson), Jason Lim (Microsoft), Nicholas Landrin (I Source)

 The proceedings got underway with the “unpanel” - a mirror universe version of a standard panel session, in which the panel quizzes and starts a dialogue with the audience. This session really set the tone for the rest of the day with a lot of discussion focused on app stores, not all of it positive. There were some very interesting points made about the long-term benefits of app stores, as the number of apps continues to rise and the ability to get noticed diminishes.

Another hot area of discussion during the unpanel was fragmentation. This was also followed up in the discussion groups in the afternoon with some very interesting debate focusing on the ONE-API and BONDI initiatives aiming to bring some consolidation and standardization to the scene.

 After an extremely good lunchtime networking session, all of the discussion groups were well attended in the afternoon. In particular there was standing room only at the Maps Mashup discussion, with Laura Diaz from Navteq and Patric Nordström from Idevio giving really helpful advice about careful checking of T&C’ s when licensing map data.

The “Mak’n Money” discussion resulted in complex flow diagrams and some great ideas around how to look at alternative revenue channels such as “freemium vs. premium”, ad-subsidized apps and discovery apps thanks to discussion leader Harald Neidhardt of Smaato, Raj Singh of Skyfire and Sean O’Sullivan from Dial 2 Do (check out his MWC wrap up here).

Overall, the mood of the WIP Jam was constructive and positive with some real innovation and networking taking place. In particular, the afternoon sessions had the theme of collaboration about them – a point that was rightly picked up by WIP’s own Caroline Lewko, who chaired the day and Larry Berkin of Access who co-hosted the wrap up session.

A couple of questions were left hanging as rhetorical questions, but perhaps developers would be well-advised to keep in mind:

What does a successful ecosystem look like?

What is a successful go-to-market strategy?

Now the answers may be different depending upon who you are, but I suspect that with the spirit of collaboration there may be more commonality in the answers than there has been in previous years.

Looking forward, the next WIP Jam will be taking place on Thursday, April 2, 2009 in Las Vegas at CTIA Wireless and we intend to incorporate some of the MWC hot topics in that event. Carrying forward, the theme for our event at CTIA will be the many aspects of collaboration for the developer community.

Vegas, WIPJAM Yeah Baby! See you there!

Team WIP:  Ed Kay, Caroline Lewko, Teresa Ostman, Arv Singh

Team WIP: Ed Kay, Caroline Lewko, Teresa Ostman, Arv Singh

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