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Thursday, February 18, 2010
App Planet Auditorium, Hall 7, FIRA, Barcelona, Spain
9:00am - 4:00pm

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Developer’s Choice: Qualcomm
Lead Sponsor: Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Forum Nokia, Getjar, NAVTEQ
Supporting Sponsors: Enough, MoSync, O2 Litmus, Oracle, Perfecto Mobile

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JAM ON!!!!


February 18, 2010 (Thursday)

*Carnival of Nations Party Wednesday Nite! Add your name to the list.

9 :00 am – 9 :45am Registration / Networking / Breakfast

Welcome to the WIPJam with breakfast served over demos, display and device bar.
9:10   Demo 1: GetJar                        Demo 2: Enough Software
9:25   Demo 3: Perfecto Mobile           Demo 4:  Oracle         5.  OneAPI

9:45am – sharp start! Welcome
What was the biggest announcement at MWC so far? Come and find out what we think!! It might be VERY different from what you think.

10:00am – 11:00am -Panel #1 TOPIC: Sticky or Spready Redux
How can you tell if your app is sticky- what do users do with it, where do they download it from, what issues do they have, do they use it in ways that you didn’t expect? And how can you make it spready – what causes users to share the app with others, and how do you tell if an add-on can revive product sales. This UnPanel will let you talk to the experts to find out how to test and drive user engagement, to measure your success with analytics and to understand what is really happening with your App.

Sean Galligan, Flurry
Mark Curtis, Flirtomatic
Jure Sustersic, Forum Nokia
Lauren Thorpe,  Qualcomm
Fabio Ricciato, Telecom Italia

Caroline Lewko, WIP
Thibaut Rouffineau, WIP

11:00am – 11:15am - Discussion Groups Arranged

Deep Dives – see detail below
9 Topics – 45 minutes each – Choose 2 to attend.
11:15am – 12:00am - Choose 1 topic
12:00am – 12:45pm - Choose 2nd topic

12:45pm – 1:40pm - LUNCH
Always a crowd pleaser to maximize your connections!
Lunch is served in the room over displays, demos, device bar and networking. Bring plenty of business cards.
12:50     Demo 6:  O2 Litmus          Demo 7:  NAVTEQ Network for Developers
1:05pm  Demo 8:   Ericsson            Demo 9:  Qualcomm
1:20pm   Demo 10: Forum Nokia        Demo 11:  Alcatel-Lucent 11: MoSync

1:40pm – 2:00pm - Welcome to Afternoon
• Introduction of Coding Smackdown! Starting NOW: Which platform can deliver the ‘best’ application by the end of Jam??? Bets anyone?
Reverse Pitches: Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NAVTEQ, Nokia, OneAPI

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm - UnPanel #2 TOPIC: Appstore Placement Optimization
With more almost 40 appstores, and the increasing importance of web applications the “one appstore” fits all option is increasingly hazardous. So what are the options to get in the top 10? How do you get the maximum out of your placement and the minimum time placing your application? Find other marketing tips to drive downloads and sales.

Francisco Kattan , Alcatel Lucent
Konstantin Zervas, Ericsson
Simon Davies Snaptu
Patrick Mork, Getjar
Deep Shah, Buzzd

Thibaut Rouffineau, WIP
Katie Lips, Kisky Netmedia

3:00pm – 3:30pm - WRAP
• Overview of Discussion Groups and Day’s sessions
• Coding Smackdown: Uncovered! Which platform had the cleanest code? Least amount of lines of code? Best UI? Which developer is looking fresh and still smelling like a daisy?

3:30pm – 4:00 pm
More networking +review displays = more connections!



The room is divided into 9 circles of chairs. A discussion topic takes place in each circle, lead by 2-4 discussion leaders and subject matter experts. When time is up, attendees move to a new circle and topic of choice for a maximum of 2 sessions to attend.

Topic / Circle
Let’s Focus on SOLUTIONS!

1. Cross Platform Development
No developer can be an expert in all platforms. What defines a good platform? How do you choose? How do you get global reach? Do you have to choose, or are there enough tools available to solve this dilemma? Should you partner with just one device provider and one carrier? We’ll talk about how to get your application global and cross-platform through building the right partnerships and using the right development tools.
• Robert Virkus, Enough Software

• Eran Yaniv, Perfecto Mobile
• Charles McLeod, MetaFlow
• Wolfram Herzog, Sic! Software

2.Merchandising and Marketing your Application
You’ve got your App on an App store – now what? We’ll look at on-desk and off-deck strategies to help you influence and increase downloads; including presentation, ratings, recommendations, and other tricks, along with monetization strategies like in-app sales and couponing.
• Christian Geissendoerfer, Yoose
• Scott Apeland, Intel
• Rob Jonas, InMobi

3. Opportunities in Open Source
Open Source is the new black. But ‘open’ doesn’t always mean OPEN, rather varying degrees of access into APIs, app stores and everything in between. What does it mean for developers? Let’s take a review of all things “open” and decide which platforms and initiatives get us to market faster and find the leverage points for developers to make their voice heard and get their needs met.

• Philippe Dewost, Imsense
• Andrew Savory, LiMO Foundation
• Kevin Smith, Vodafone/OneAPI

4. Mobile Web Development
Mobile web development promises productivity, code re-usability, direct routes to market… What’s myth what’s reality? What are the working strategies to generate revenues from mobile web? Competing with apps or testing the waters before app launch?
• Tony Hartley, MoSync

• Ofir Leitner, MoMo TelAviv
• Chris Smith, BlackBerry Developer Program

5. Emerging Markets
Opportunities for mobile applications, content marketing and services are growing rapidly in emerging markets, whether in traditional fields of information sharing and communication but also in pioneering sectors such as mobile banking. So what’s the opportunity for developers and how can one capitalize on it?
• James Parton, O2/ Telefonica

• Emmanuel Ekuwem, ATCON
• Marcus Ladwig, Peperoni

6. Augmented Reality
In 2009 Augmented Reality has changed everything mobile : gaming, navigation, infotainment have all been affected by this new user experience concept. How can developers make the best use of Augmented Reality? What revenue opportunities on what devices can we really expect?
• Lester Madden, Augmented Planet
• David Caabeiro, Sequence Point

7.  Features and Enhancements for Addictive Applications
What makes an application addictive? What separates the ones that get downloaded once and forgotten, from the ones that get downloaded first every time? We’ll talk about the features and technologies including social networking, locations and some often forgotten APIs. Find out how you can enhance your application to pull users in, and keep them hooked.
• Patrik Nordstrom, idevio

• Liat Ben-Zur, Qualcomm
• Lisa Whelan, Socialize Mobilize

8. Getting Cool Content from the Cloud
The «cloud» is a wealth of data feeds, content, cool services all available in a simple API call. How can you build applications to make the best use of what’s out there? From supermarkets to car manufacturers the number of API providers is growing daily… Where should you go fishing for the good stuff? What types of services are available? Do you need legal and commercial set-ups or is it a free for all mashup?
• Nick Black, CloudMade
• Raj Singh, Skyfire
• Stephen Cull, Oracle

9. Using Location to Differentiate Mobile Apps
How can you differentiate your mobile apps by building location features into them, pros and cons with different mapping  tools and APIs. What will the next generation of location-aware apps look like? Augmented reality? persistent location tracking? 3D models and real views?

• Mike Moore, NAVTEQ Network for Developers (NN4D)
• Hector Briceño, VP Engineering, VisioGlobe

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